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Over the weekend, M and I spent the day in Carmel. It was an unbelievably gorgeous day–it was cold, but gorgeous! After our walk on the white, sandy beach, we walked up the hill on Ocean Avenue to find food.

I was channeling my inner Andrew Zimmern and opted for something different for lunch. M and I chose Dametra Cafe, serving Mediterranean food. Encouraged that we made a good choice from the plaques of recognition on the wall, however, the food I must say, was not to my liking. I ordered a Jerusalem Kabob wrapped in pita-like bread, loads of meat with loads of yogurt mixed in, tomatoes and lettuce. It didn’t have the flavor I was looking for..it lacked spices, I think. But I must add the servers were very attentive to us. I will definitely come back next time to try Gyros.

But the decor was really cool. I love the ceiling!

The lady who works at Jane Austen at Home store said the owner lived in England for 25 years, and is a HUGE Jane Austen fan! I added I’ve read every single Jane Austen book, what I didn’t say was I’ve seen ‘Pride and Prejudice’ over a million times.

Courtyard leading to different shops.My husband proposed to me in this Inn 10 1/2 years ago.

Ocean Avenue is a very popular place especially for tourists. Each time I’ve gone, I hear a different language spoken from patrons in restaurants or just by walking on the street. Each street has something fabulous for everyone to discover from art galleries, to restaurants, and one of a kind shops. And if you are tired of shopping, go to the beach and just relax.