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San Juan Bautista is a small agricultural town in the San Benito County in California. According to the 2010 census 1,862 souls call Juan Bautista home on an area of 0.7 square miles. It’s a small town!

San Juan Bautista’s history began with the Mutsune natives. Before the arrival of the Europeans and Mexicans, the Mutsune natives, a branch of the Ohlones, populated the area that would later be called San Juan Bautista, named after the mission’s patron saint, St. John the Baptist. The Mutsunes lived simple lives. They were hunters who happily gathered their family in thatched homes made from surrounding plants and trees. After the arrival of the Spaniards, Fr. Fermin de Lausen, the Franciscan priest who succeeded Fr. Serra, claimed the unknown land on behalf of the Spanish king changing the lives of the natives.

A town then grew around Mission San Juan Bautista.

When M and I decided to have lunch in San Juan Bautista this past weekend, we were treated to a vintage car show of which we had no idea was going on.

Back passengers of this sinister car!


Rusted bike.

M and I stopped at this Guatemalan Boutique. I have never been to one, and I am only too glad that this store caught my eye. The store was vibrant with colors from drawstring purses, clothing for kids and women, skeleton figurines, beads, earrings, wall decor, and other artsy stuff.

Everything in the store are hand-made in Guatemala or Mexico.

Guatemalan legend says that if you have a problem, tell it to a worry doll. Tuck the worry doll under your pillow and it will take your problem away while you sleep.

After our stroll looking at vintage cars, the warm and sunny day was just perfect for a scoop of ice cream. Then we walked to the Settler’s Cabin to eat our ice cream where I admired this beautiful tree full of white flowers. I am determined to find out what type of plant it is so I can grow one in my garden. Does anyone have any idea what this plant may be?

Someone’s pretty front yard.

On a scale of 1 to 5, based on this visit, I would give Dona Esther a 3. Because it was a Sunday, which they serve a buffet on Sundays, coupled with the car show, which drew in a lot of hungry people into the restaurant, service was a bit slow. I ordered a chicken quesadilla and it was not the best chicken quesadilla. I’ve had better chicken quesadilla from Jesus Restaurant in Morgan Hill, boasting authentic Mexican food; but the servers were at least friendly.

What did you do over the weekend? I hope it was relaxing and adventurous!