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Thanks to Travelzoo.com, we didn’t have to stay home for part of my daughter’s spring break. The amazing deal we bought months ago was a stay at Portola Hotel and Spa in Monterey. Though Travelzoo.com was not able to make a deal with Mother Nature for a sun shiny day, nevertheless, the rain provided for a different vacation experience. We’ve been used to blue sky on our visits in the past to Carmel, Pacific Grove, and Monterey; yet, the rain did not dampen our spirit. In fact, when I found out the weather called for 5-days of rain, I was excited for I have never photo-documented our travel on a rainy day or days. Here, thought I, is a superb opportunity to take pictures in the rain; and to prove my excitement, I brought our rainboots and umbrellas.

I was faced with many challenges while taking pictures in the rain. My foremost concern was getting my camera wet. Next, deftly holding an umbrella with one hand while taking pictures; it is doable but was a frustrating experience. Lastly, the wind was an added factor to my concern swaying the limbs of my subject, blurring my shots.

The next day, no rain but sun.

We loved staying in Portola Hotel and Spa for many reasons. 1) Walking distance to the Old Fisherman’s Wharf 2) A trail that leads to Cannery Row with the ocean in view 3) Within walking distance to restaurants, banks, Walgreens (we all got sick–having Walgreens nearby was a blessing!), Starbucks, and 4) Surrounded by historic buildings.

In 1602, Sebastian Vizcaino, a Spanish explorer named “Monterey”, after Spain’s Count of Monte Rey, after arriving in what would (much-much) later become California. Museum of Monterey displaying the 1960s. This VW is parked outside of the museum, while……this one is inside. That kid there in the picture is a hippie-wanna-be.This is Linda. She is the Omelet Chef at Jack’s in Portola Hotel. I asked if I could take a picture of her. She obliged. I told Linda I blog about my travels and would like to include her in it. She’s been with the company for 17 years. Linda was full of smiles; I was very much impressed by how jolly she was, greeting everyone with an enthusiastic welcome. She engaged everyone in conversation while making omelets. She makes excellent omelets, by the way. Jack’s restaurant in Portola Hotel.

Just a few steps from Jack’s is Peter B’s Brew Pub. We didn’t want to walk to the wharf since it was raining pretty hard.

Peter B’s Brew Pub is a laid back restaurant and a great place for avid sports fan. Flat screen TV’s covered the walls tuned in to various sport channels. The meal was good, although my family thought otherwise. If you are ever in the Central Coast, come on visit Monterey. There are so much to see and do here.

Do you have a favorite place to visit that you and your family frequent? I’d love to hear about your story. And thanks for stopping by!