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If I wasn’t a nut, I’d say to heck with this tennis thing! Sunday was the craziest tennis day for us where everything that could go wrong, went wrong. I won’t bore you with the details, only that a great deal of inconvenience and frustration took place.

As a tennis fan and from previous tournament experiences, I have come to learn that when there is large crowd around the practice court, a top player is practicing. In this case, it was Novak Djokovic.

In between pressed bodies at the practice court, I luckily found an inch of space where I was able to take this shot. After he was through practicing, Djokovic, along with other players, played soccer. And our craziness made us wait for him for over an hour hoping to get his autograph. The crowd was so thick, it made it impossible for me to get his autograph. Being short, I was not able to reach over the heads of the people in front of me. One thing I must say sans his autograph, I got close enough to him amidst outstretched hands, and he is even more handsome in person.

This is the Roger Federer crowd.

I was smitten. Overjoyed. Finally, at long last, finally, Roger Federer. Even as the #3 tennis player in the world, Roger Federer still commands a crowd. Roger Federer played against 19-year old American, Denis Kudla. He was a wildcard. How thrilling and terrifying it must have been for him to play the world’s greatest player.

After the Federer vs. Kudla match was followed by Agnieszka Radwanska vs. Flavia Pennetta.Day 4On our 4th day, I lost our tickets! Major frustration! Replacements tickets were $10 per ticket. Had I not lost our tickets, we would have caught up with Djokovic who was signing autographs again. Oh well! At least we got to see Rafa practice for a bit.

And we got his autograph! I felt like Gollum when he bit off Frodo’s finger to get the ring back. It was definitely a Gollum-moment: joy and elation!

I wanted to get Alexandr Dolgopolov’s autograph (left picture above), only Xavier Malisse approached us again. By then, Dolgopolov had already gone. Darn! Sam Querry’s autograph we got, though (right picture above).Picture above are of Ekaterina Makarova and former #1, Caroline Wozniacki. Pictures below: Denis Istomin and Ryan Harrison.Then we saw Andy Roddick’s wife, Brooklyn Decker. She’s very beautiful. She was very friendly to the crowd and responded to those wanting autographs and pictures. M wanted a picture taken with her but by then, she was already some distance from us. Two men approached M and I, and asked if we wanted their day tickets. I said yes and thanked them. Box seats, Row J, at $200 a ticket. Sweet! Andy Roddick was playing Tomas Berdych.Roddick fought back winning the second set. After that, he went downhill very fast. Seating this close, we heard and saw the madness that is Andy Roddick. We saw his signature trademark of grabbing himself, (akin to Rafa’s picking his butt), heard him chastising himself, and yes, even heard him say the F-word. Berdych won the match. M got his autograph. Thanks to those two guys, soooo much!The evening session match was Caroline Wozniacki vs. Sofia Arvidsson. Wozniacki lost the first set to Arvidsson. Excepting Grand Slams, players can call for their coach on the court between game points. Wozniacki called her dad on the court, who is also her coach, well, to coach her.

Wozniacki’s dad’s pleading coaching worked. After almost 3 hours of battling for every point and long rally’s, she won the match. It was past 11pm by the time Wozniacki and Arvidsson shook hands, and Wozniacki gloating in her badassness! We skipped Ryan Harrison’s match.