What a crazy weather we’ve had here in California! Today, the weatherman predicts 75 degrees in my hometown, which is roughly an hour drive to San Francisco. Yesterday was a nice and warm 76 degrees. Tomorrow, the temperature expected to drop by 10 degrees! We’ll see (shrugs shoulders).

The picture below, I took a year ago. See the snow on the mountain tops? It’s not a lot of snow, but it’s still snow. This year, not a speck. No rain, no snow.

Our parched lands and plants are thirsty of rain. Please rain! In the news, they are already talking about water rationing in certain counties from lack of rain and snow in the Sierra. Seriously? Water rationing right smack in the middle of winter? Oh yeah, winter passed us by. It went to Seattle, Washington and Boulder, Colorado, and everywhere else in the nation but California.

Last year, we had hail. This year, nada!

I really wish it would rain. It doesn’t have to snow in my hometown, but more snow in the Sierra would be awe-some!! Please just rain so threats of water rationing will no longer be on anyone’s lips or thoughts. Don’t get me wrong, I love this warm weather, but what we would all really love and be happy about is rain. Lotsa lotsa lotsa rain so help me God.

btw–it never made it to 75 degrees today. It was windy–very windy, and no rain!