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Today marks the 3rd day of The Bank of the West Classic at Stanford University. The qualifying rounds began over the weekend to which we attended with enthusiasm. Yesterday, not only did we get to watch Serena Williams warm up before her match, we got to see her defeat Rodionova at 6-0,6-0.

I had expected more players but having Serena Williams back in the tournament more than made up for it.

Maria Kirilenko, after her warm up, obliged us with picture and autograph.

There must have been five players on the tracks with their coach/trainer, stretching and running just before practice on the courts. We were fortunate we caught up with Victoria Azarenka because she avoided picture and autograph signing afterwards.

Watching Maria Sharapova practice for over an hour, was the highlight of our Sunday afternoon. Despite of my sunburns: tip of my nose, left forehead from a side bangs, and shoulders as red as a tomato, it was worth our while. At the end of her practice, we waited for her to exit the locker room. She kindly stopped for M and M to sign a picture and T-shirt.

More pictures to post later.