Each year, the rural town of Morgan Hill hosts the Mushroom Mardi Gras Festival. This year, Mushroom Mardi Gras celebrated its 32nd year. The sun stayed hidden in a blanket of clouds, but strained every now and then to take a peek at the hopeful of people below. White tents lined the streets; each vendor had something unique, unusual, and useful to sell.

Colorful garden decorations.

Pretty bracelets..

There were street performers singing and yodeling, and a karate demonstration. Games such as a simulated bull, a rock-climbing structure, a few behemoth slides entertained the children. There were two concerts going on at the same time. Children and adults alike took to the street and danced to the upbeat music.

There were baby animals, for the nominal price of $4, to pet.

Among the hundreds of vendors present, this was one of my favorite. I took a picture of the sign, and the guy behind the table gave me a sticker to wear on my shirt. A badge to show my support for marriage equality.

The air was fragranced with the smell of food. People lined the food tents. I’m glad my M is a picky eater, otherwise we would have a long wait in line to satiate our hunger and thirst.

Morrocan made hats and baskets for sale.

M having shave ice. Reminiscent of Maui.