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Our mini-trip to Santa Barbara was a welcomed break from the daily grind of school and schedule.

On our stroll to Stearn’s Wharf, we saw a topless woman with two long necklaces accessorizing her nakedness. She then expectorated like a man, and was soon lost in her own little world.

Despite of the windy afternoon, the sun was out and embraced us with its warmth.

The first time we dined at Longboards was some 11-years ago. Now, 11-years later and with our daughter, the place has not changed much. M thought Longboards was a cool dining spot. She found it amusing that peanut shells littered the hardwood floor. She cracked open peanuts after peanuts until there were none left. She popped half a peanut into her mouth and decided it was not to her liking.

At Longboards, we were lucky to find a table overlooking the water as the place was full. The orange glow of the descending sun was coming in through the glass windows, and as it hovered on the hotel rooftops, I quickly ran outside to take a picture.

The following day, the weather was perfect at 77 degrees.