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My daughter wanted to have lunch at the Old Fisherman’s Grotto in Monterey. We love going to Monterey; we cannot get enough of it ourselves so we acquiesced. At the restaurant, M requested a table overlooking the ocean. I must say, the girl’s got dining style!

After lunch, we strolled the wharf and took to the trail. Off the trail, a wooden stair wound down a rocky beach. From here, we have a back view of the Old Fisherman’s Wharf. It’s beautiful how the bright yellow and pink buildings colors the water. If you can see the American flag floating above an orange building with red framed windows, that is where we had lunch.

From this rocky beach, M and I collected small sea shells; we ended up collecting a handful. The tide was coming in. Rocks closest to the beach are momentarily submerged in ice-cold water, spraying mist at us, and giving me a valid excuse to continue on our walk. Seagulls flew over us and seals in the far distance barking at potential rock usurpers. On this day, I’m glad I did not play deaf when my husband insisted that I bring a heavy coat for the day was cold and windy. Thanks R!

I couldn’t resist taking another picture of the marina just before departure.