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When I was still living at home, one activity my family and I enjoyed doing together was fishing. We fished everywhere: Rio Vista, Pacifica, San Francisco and Half-Moon Bay. One of my fondest fishing memory was when my sister and I tagged along with my parents to fish under a full moon in Rio Vista. We stayed in the car, listening to the oldies in the car radio, laughing life away. The moon felt so close, lighting the dark landscape. Those were the good old days and I miss it very much!

We fished on the other side of this lake, which fronts a major freeway. I don’t remember us ever catching a fish, but it made for a great day trip. I remember my dad and brother lugging an ice chest, fishing gears and fishing poles. We were always high on junk food and sugar. My sister and I would walk the perimeter of the lake, probably discussing boys. My nephews were ardent little fishermen and together we soaked in the sun having  the best time. Fishing was a family affair. When we fished together as a family, it was a good indicator that everything was right with the world.

That was some 15+ years ago. Boy, how time flies! I live a good 15-minute drive from this lake. My daughter and I, on one of our adventures, traversed the dirt path that curves along the lake. There were joggers, bikers and walkers so I felt somewhat safe without my husband with us (I am very paranoid). Grasses are green and tall, making swishing noise from the wind, ducks and geese are happily swimming on the murky lake, squirrels popping their heads out of their underground home and scurrying away as we got closer, and tree branches showing some sign of life. 

My primary purpose for going on this adventure was to check out this bridge. I can see it from the freeway while driving, and I have always wanted to stop by. The rain prevented my visit while a list of other reasons, prolonged it. Seeing it now, I’m glad we came today. I can’t remember if this bridge was here 15-years ago. Probably not; I would remember. Standing on the center of the bridge and looking at the calm water, I’m flooded with memories of yesteryear taking me all the way back to my childhood in the Philippines. Then I look at my daughter who is in her own little world now, wondering if she’s storing our adventures in the recess of her brain. I’m lucky she’s mine and glad she shares my passion for adventure. 

Walking back to where we had started, we made a beeline for this tree accessible by entering a gate. A few steps from the gate, a cement boaters ramp incongruously enters our view on the left. We cut passed the incline plane and a small field covered with groundcover led us to this spot. A profusion of mustard plants has invaded this tree, choking it up with its bright yellow flowers. It is amazing how this tree has survived growing on the hillside in an awkward slant. Its many thin branches slopes along the water.

Thank you God for the beautiful day!