After a week of rain, I woke to rays of sunshine hitting my bedroom windows in bright orange. Still in my pj’s, I walk across on the wet lawn, my UGG’s making squelching noises. Armed with a Canon camera, I took a picture of our tree, the arrival of spring clear in its branches. The pink blossoms held droplets of water in its petals, buds, and stems.


 I breath in the fresh after-rain air. I can see my breath as I exhale.

Overhead, the cloudy blue sky portends good weather. We finally get a break from the much welcomed rain.

I love how the leaves glow from the sun. They, too, are grateful for the break. Bubbles of water hangs on to the tips of the leaves, falling to the ground when it can no longer support itself. See how the droplets sparkles? The simplest things fascinates me.

I could never figure out what insect finds my lemon leaves so tasty. I fear bugs, caterpillars and slugs, especially, so I guess I don’t really want to know. My small lemon tree prolifically bears juicy lemons which I am able to share with families.

This rose bush has refused to die at least five times. In her last and final rebellion, she snaked her roots through the holes on the bottom of the pot and into the ground making her point that she will not go down without a fight. I plan to leave her there, accompanied by a hibiscus tree, and flanked by a lemon, orange and mandarin trees.

Happy Spring!