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Backpack pulled out of retirement to endure a semester of abuse: I am going back to school! During its lengthy retirement, it got to tag along with us to Maui, tennis matches, Las Vegas, Yosemite, Disneyland, British Columbia, Oregon, Washington State and other local trips.

My trusty Jansport backpack is not complaining, though. I think it is glad it’s out of retirement and be of use again. It probably feels important, too! I don’t blame it. I feel great carrying it on my back walking to class in my jeans and Converse, blending in with the majority of ‘young’ students. I feel cool and ‘with it’.

I have a penchant for having a close relationship with a backpack. Jansport backpacks, especially. They are sturdy, enduring and good at keeping it all together. My very first black Jansport backpack demonstrated durability from the 8th grade through high school. My current Jansport has been with me since my college days, oh-so-long ago.

Goodness, if it had a voice, it would exploit me—repeatedly to whoever would listen. I’m glad it doesn’t have a voice but just proudly juts out of my back, willingly carrying anything that I shove in it. So for your robustness, I promise to take good care of you. I pledge not to replace you for a new one. I will stick with you, as you have stuck with me.