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Tennis ball

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I am going to blog about tennis in the next few days. I know I should have started on the first week of the Australian Open, only I didn’t know I would be participating in a post-a-day challenge.

My family and I are big tennis fans. We’ve witnessed awesome demonstration of athleticism, passion, willpower, drive and in-your-face attitude from the players. Worlds best players succumbing to the skills, endurance and determination of unknown and unseeded players.  They are on the rise giving  seasoned players reason not to get too comfortable on the court. Many of them showed not only their talent but prowess dictating the game.

By the way, look out world, Alexandr Dolgopolov has arrived.

I love the drama that gets played out on court. I love the verbal exchange between player and chair empire (remember McEnroe?) and the crowd either booing or cheering. I love the show of emotion: the fist pump, the chest-bump, the heart-fist pump, and  scream of frustration. Not to mention the moans and groans they make. Some loud, some quiet. I especially love their display of sportsmanship. They even team up to raise money for their foundation or play an exhibition for an immediate cause.

Yes, the Australian Open is nearly over and only the best of the best are left. Each will fight to the end, chasing every single point. Will Andy Murray finally win his first Grand Slam or will Novak Djokovic  deny him of that dream? Will David Ferrer bring home the trophy? Perhaps Roger Federer will spoil the fun and win his 17th title? In the women, Caroline Wozniacki is playing so well, will we see a rematch with Kim Clijsters? Or will it be Li Na and Vera Zvonareva duking it out for the Australian Open Grand Slam title? The weekend is fast approaching and I cannot wait to watch the championship matches.