Taken at Waianapanapa Park. We followed a trail that led us to a fresh spring cave. This butterfly flew by us and took a momentary refuge on this bush. I was able to capture a few shots before it flew away.

The famous Black Sand Beach. The spectacular view, the black sand beach strewn with black rocks, waterfalls along the road, a cave where Popoalaea hid from her cruel husband and so much more are among the many enchanting rewards you will see and experience if you drive the long way to Hana.

Black Sand Beach, Waianapanapa State Park, Hana

Beach just outside of Lahaina Jodo Mission. At first glance, this picture looked distorted somehow, but after staring at it for a while, I thought it had potential. My husband took this picture.

I took this picture in the car on our way to Maalaea on Highway 30. I rolled down the window, stuck my right hand out, and took several shots. I was mesmerized by the clouds in the distance….

…which had an aura of mystery to it. The clouds are covered in a shadowy haze with streaks of faint light coming down to meet the ocean. As it turned out, that aura of mystery was coming from a sugar cane burning on the slopes of the mountain. The smoke is the haze covering the clouds. How absolutely beautiful!

When nature collides with nature, this is how it looks like. And if amazing had a face, it would look like Haleakala. Haleakala means the “House of the Sun”. People flock Haleakala by the hundreds to watch the sun rising. The experience has been called magical and spiritually fulfilling.

The brownish, reddish and black colors of the valley are characteristics of Haleakala due to erosion. The white lines on the valley are trails.

Lahaina Jodo Mission. A bodi tree grows on the left side of this  Buddha statue.

We were having dinner at Aloha Mixed Plate when I took this picture. Though the sun was very blinding on its descent, this was our view, and I suppose we didn’t mind it so much.

This banana tree reminds me of my childhood in the Philippines.

This bee buzzed along going from flower to flower. We fled the scene due to the bee’s menacing look and size.