Why ‘chasing clouds’ for a blog title you might ask? I’ve always had a fascination with cloud formations. They are beautiful as they are mysterious. You can look up into the sky and see a story being told right in front of you–all in panoramic view. I find the clouds peaceful. When I do my daily walks, my ears plugged to music, I look up to the sky and there before me a horizon so vast yet I feel as though the clouds has singled me out for company. Me and the clouds and all its lovely formations.

chasing clouds…well, aren’t we all chasing after something or someone? An ambition, a dream, a man or a woman? What am I chasing after? Clouds, or maybe a dream or two. Sometimes I like to chase the past that has nothing to do with me but has a lot to do with who I am.

Picture: It is not a very clear picture but she’s a tempest alright! At first she looked like a woman with long and wavy hair with the sun’s rays streaming in and out of it. It doesn’t look like a woman now but earlier during my walk she did coax me into running home, grab my camera, and I had to find a clearing without house tops getting in the way so that I could take this picture. To the right of this picture is nothing but blue sky and an extension of her cloudy dress that got swept away by the wind without her knowing it.